Welcome Alaska Women's Cancer Care, www.akwcc.com. Dr. Joanie Hope and Dr. Melissa Hardesty are the only board-certified Gynecologic Oncologists in Alaska. Dr. Tom Burke, a partner, is a board-certified gynecologist. Dr. George Stransky is a board-certified gynecologist and works with Dr. Hope and Dr. Hardesty assisting in surgeries and following patients in the hospital. Currently, Dr. Stransky does not see patients in the office. He is actively involved with UW medical student education, especially in relation to cancer. Finally, he assists other doctors as a surgical assist, especially with his expertise in daVinci surgery.

Dr. Stransky is a gynecologist and pelvic surgeon

Dr. Stransky trained at Stanford University, Baylor College of Medicine,
the Swedish Hospital and Harvard. He has been in private practice in Anchorage since 1976. He teaches at the University of Washington School of Medicine and the University of Alaska in Health Sciences. He is a trained Console Surgeon for the daVinci robotic surgical system.

At Providence, Alaska Regional, or the Surgery Center, Dr. Stransky assists on all types of advanced pelvic surgery, including minimally invasive laparoscopic and/or robotic daVinci surgery.

Dr. Stransky is on the steering committee of Let Every Woman Know, a non-profit dedicated to gynecologic cancer awareness and education.

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